Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On The Spot Admissions Not On The Spot?

What senior wouldn't like to hear right away of their college application outcome? This actually is an option for students who take advantage of the On the Spot Admission Program conducted each year through the Guidance Department.
On the Spot Admissions with UMASS/Lowell is scheduled for December 20th. Students need to fill out the paper application, with fee(by check or money order only) transcripts, unofficial SAT scores and letters of recommendation by December 11th. On that day at representative from UMASS will come out to WHS and pick them up. On December 20th, UMASS will come back here to meet with each student at 10 minute intervals to let them know if they got accepted. Please have all students sign up with Ms. Healey in Guidance.
Salem State College has already visited WHS and accepted students. They will return for a 2nd round of interviews on November 29. Suffolk University will be on site on December 6 to evaluate student applications. Students need to consult with their guidance counselors for the particulars of application to these schools and sign up with Counselor Kathy Healey for any of the On the Spot Admissions opportunities. - WHS Website

I guess I was wrong. I presumed that on the spot admissions went like this: you meet with a college representative and give all of your application information including scores and recommendations. After that, the representative browses through these forms attentively, making sure that you meet all of the requirements for the school. Then, a short time later the representative lets you know whether you have been accepted or not. If somebody sends in their forms by December 11th and then more than a week later on December 20th they are informed of the college's decision, doesn't that kind of make it not on the spot?

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  1. I never understood this either. Haha. I might do one of them, but most likely not.


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