Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Happy Holidays" Mars Meaning of Christmas

I am not exactly in the mood to write a long essay on the evil of saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". America is pre-eminently a Christian nation. No one can deny this fact. Do we really need to belittle the importance of Christmas just to appease non-Christians? Christmas is of course now associated with secular traditions. Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas not to commemorate the birth of Jesus, but merely to exchange gifts. Religion needs not be banished, but encouraged in the splendor of such a solemn festival as Christmas. The politically correct evil of "Happy Holidays" promotes a stigma that all religious holidays are to be celebrated, but is a faithful Christian really going to place equal value on all other holidays? I think not.

Businesses and people in general need to stop catering to the political left by excluding "Merry Christmas." I support freedom of religion, but this to me seems to be yet another example of "freedom from religion." All religions should be offended by a statement of "Happy Holidays." Replacing the birth of Christ with such a general statement is not acceptable. It might be appealing to P.C liberals, but not to Christians who care about the meaning of Christmas.

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