Friday, November 30, 2007

CD Review: Acid Rain

1) Intro
2) Narration 1
3) Red Rum
4) Some Ol' Wicked Shit
5) Out Ya Mind
6) 9 Dead Bodies
7) Play Dead
8) Finger in the Cake Mix
9) Boogie Man
10) Dying to be Down
11) Narration 2
12) Sunshine
13) No Singing at My Funeral
14) No Fault Insurance
15) Mental Stress
16) Would You Die For Me?
17) The Wicked Shit Will Never Die
18) Narration 3
19) Silicone
20) Comercia
21) Lola Falana
22) Nervous
23) Panic Attack
24) Everyone
25) Migraine Headache
26) La La La
27) How Do I Plead to Homicide?
28) P-P-P-Pow!
29) Redemption
Ever heard of Esham? If you haven't, that's a shame, because he's a great rapper and producer. Just listen to his beat and his flow on "Red Rum". Believe it or not, he made that song, along with his other early work, when he was 14.
Acid Rain is his greatest hits album, and most of the tracks are solid. However, many were edited so 29 tracks could fit on one CD. Had to take off some points for, "Boogie Man" and "Redemption" are terrible songs. Discover Esham with this album, and then hear what he sounds like uncut.

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  1. I've listened to Esham since 1994. I'm a huge fan of Esham and his Natas group too. I was happy to see your review show up in a google news thread releated to Esham, but then disappointed to hear you not enjoy, "Redemption". I personally think this is a great song (not a big fan of Violent J's singing on it, but oh well), I even used it in a video I made for YouTube (at the end):

    Regardless, glad to see Esham getting more noticed. I highly recommend checking out his other MANY albums, and also his heavier group, Natas. Don't forget to check out the official Esham website:


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