Friday, November 9, 2007

What is This World Turning Into??

Yes, it is another post of *Echoing Yell* "What is This World Turning Into!"
A few weeks ago, I posted about a issue with the bank and how they ripped me off. Today, I am writing about a incident that happen only a few days ago.
This probably happened to most of you who can drive, or has been in a car. Few days ago, I was in my mom's car driving home. We were at the road where Salem St. intersects with the new Irving Gas Station. We were about to take the right lane to take a right turn, where a car, without looking, jumps in front of our car. My mom stopped the car immediately in shock.
Guess who was driving in the other car?

Two middle aged women.

And I always thought women were more careful drivers :/.
After the shock, we started up again to take that right turn, when another car behind us started honking at us, while the light was red AND there were cars going right past our nose.
And now guess who was in that car behind us?

An Old Man.

He was in a Toyota Accord, about 1999 version, old but not too rusty, it was a "teal-ish" color.
He looked very grumpy, although I mean no threat to any old men reading this blog, PLEASE TRY NOT TO HONK WHEN A LARGER VEHICLE IS IN FRONT OF YOU BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY CAN'T SEE WHATS HAPPENING IN FRONT OF YOU!, especially when your riding in a tiny Toyota. (When a larger vehicle suddenly stops, it means that something probably went wrong... if you honk at a situation like mine, someone from the front might come out to beat you up, since you are already pissed off from a incident before hand).
Sooner or later that old man is going to honk at a larger truck and a pissed off truck driver will get out and start bashing your car with a baseball bat. Seriously, learn to respect others.

This is a shout out to that old man. Society is made up of more than "self-centered" old men like you. There are other people who actually care about the safety of others. (Really, learn to drive. Not only that but learn to respect). I will leave you readers with this comment: PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE WHEN DRIVING ON THE ROAD, THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO DRIVE ON THE SAME ROAD AS YOU TOO!

P.S. Sorry about all those caps. I was really getting into the writing.

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