Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boys Tennis Team Wins First Match

The WHS Boys Tennis Team finally won a game. The win came against Woburn on Friday, April 18th. The first two singles players -- Jason Parad and Glen Maganzini -- both won their matches. The next two positions, third singles and first doubles, were not able to win their respective matches. With the overall score tied at 2-2, two juniors, Chris Fanikos and Derek Krevat, were able to defeat their opponents at second doubles. Fanikos and Krevat would have normally played first doubles, but a last minute switch was made and it seemingly worked out for the best. The Warriors are now 1-5. The next two games are scheduled for Tuesday, April 22 (Winchester) and Wednesday, April 23 (Watertown). The team will be without many of its top players including Jason Parad, Brian Hurley, Mike Slafsky, and Kevin Dwyer Heidkamp.

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