Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheerleader dies in accident

The cheerleading stunt just went wrong. It's not clear how. But when the jumble of bodies on the mat Sunday at the Minuteman Cheerleading Championships in Worcester sorted itself out, competitor Lauren Chang was down.

She died a day later.

The accident occured at the DCU Center Sunday, where the 20-year-old Newton North High School graduate performed with her team, Energy Cheer, along with more than 60 other teams.

Our thoughts are with Chang's family and friends.


  1. who the #@$% would write this
    Our thoughts are with Chang's family and friends. Cheerleaders - be careful. Let's try not to kill anybody else."

    How insensitive to the famile and all involved. There is no reason for the comment.
    Were you trying to be funny or just an AS#@$$%
    Take it off the page.

  2. Done...and I apologize to anyone offended by that comment.


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