Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WFNX Celebrating Anniversary

In the beginning, 25 years ago, the station played a format without a name. Calling itself "the new rock on the block" and "rock the boat radio," WFNX-FM (101.7) aired rock music, but not the familiar sound of market giants like WBCN-FM (104.1). Broadcasting lesser known artists, more imports, and the more out-there sounds of punk and new wave, the little Lynn-based station was a pioneer, broadcasting what would become known as the new rock, modern rock, or alternative format.

"We certainly led the charge," recalls news director Henry Santoro. Hired in early 1983, several weeks before the Phoenix Media/Communications Group bought what was then hard-rock outlet WLYN-FM, the station veteran recalls a time of 12-hour days that culminated in the launch of the new format with a song by The Cure, "Let's Go To Bed." That song has since launched all of the WFNX sister stations, says Santoro, including WPHX-FM and WFEX-FM, both broadcasting at 92.1 FM in Maine and Southern New Hampshire. - Boston Globe

I've only listened to 'FNX once or twice, which I guess is kind of sad because I am such an "alternative" aficionado. The time(s) that I have listened to it, I remember hearing Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" which of course is a great song and one of the band's top songs.

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