Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Top 50 Favorite Artists/Bands

I was inspired by Glen's post of his top 25 favorites, so I decided to do my own but one better with 50. My lists stay consistent for a while until I either hear a new band or listen to certain bands less and less. Here's some examples, two years ago Led Zeppelin would fill the number two spot, now they are number 18. Two years ago, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC would make my top 20. The list has changed so drastically; the former wouldn't even make my top 150 (if there was one) and the latter couldn't make the top 250!. Both still great bands though. This list is different from Glen's in two aspects. 1) He has more independent label bands and 2) More current bands. Most of the bands on his list I listen to as well, I actually try to listen to as many "new" bands as possible, and I am all in favor of independent labels over the majors, but I'm just stating the facts in the observations of our favorites.Well, here's the list:

1) The Beatles (of course, the only bigger fan than me around here is BBT)
2) The Ramones
3) Pink Floyd
4) Rage Against The Machine
5) Nirvana
6) Tool
7) System Of A Down
8) GlassJaw
9) The Pixies
10) Sonic Youth
11) Johnny Cash
12) Fugazi
13) Black Flag
14) The Who
15) The Velvet Underground
16) The Doors
17) Radiohead
18) Led Zeppelin
19) Descendents
20) Against Me! (up until 2005)
21) Bad Brains
22) Animal Collective
23) Black Lips
24) Page France
25) Frank Zappa
26) The Smiths
27) The Replacements
28) Dead Kennedys
29) Minutemen
30) Minor Threat
31) N.W.A.
32) Daniel Johnston
33) Alice In Chains
34) Incubus
35) The Clash
36) The Sex Pistols
37) The Misfits
38) Anti-Flag
39) Bright Eyes
40) Iggy Pop/The Stooges
41) Lou Reed
42) Arcade Fire
43) Simon and Garfunkel
44) David Bowie
45) The Pogues
46) Roy Orbison
47) Black Sabbath
48) Wu-Tang Clan
49) A Tribe Called Quest
50) Ween

Damn, 50 still ain't enough to list all my favorites! There are so much more artists/bands to name, oh well.

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