Saturday, April 26, 2008

Longfellow Bridge Under Inspection

An independent inspection of the Longfellow Bridge found the span to be in worse condition than the state had previously determined, but officials dispute the findings and refused to release the report to the public for several months.

The state spent $915,000 on the nearly four-month inspection last year by Jacobs Engineering Group. But state engineers refused to sign off on the report after it was submitted in January, saying that it overstated the dangers of deteriorating bridge components and failed to take into account the repairs already underway.

The firm reported the bridge's support structure was in serious condition, a step below the poor rating it received from the state in August.

It did not, however, suggest that the century-old bridge, which carries about 135,000 commuters a day between Boston and Cambridge, poses an imminent danger to the public. - Boston Globe

Maybe it does pose imminent danger. Who would have thought that the Big Dig Tunnel would pose imminent danger? Public works can and will fail at any given time.

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