Monday, April 28, 2008

Un-Butchered Lennon: 1977-1980

"Real Love" - Behold, the 1977 demo of a song that George, Paul, and Ringo put some overdubs on in 1996! Love that piano riff. Some great introspective lyrics here, classic Lennon.
"Now And Then" - Is it just me, or does this 1978 demo sound a little like "Chopping Broccoli"? At least the beginning - then we hear the strain as John goes falsetto, then a striking chorus.
"Beautiful Boy" - Coolest lullaby ever.
"Starting Over" - How bittersweet this rocker became after Lennon's death. Lennon had just begun a new phase, one of true maturity, only for his life to be cut short. This and the other songs in this post display John's newfound perspective which spawned the lyrics to his inspired melodies.
"Watching the Wheels" - Instead of looking back on the glory days, Lennon looked forward to the future. "There's no problem, only solutions", he sang in this soulful toast to tomorrow.
"Woman" - John was older and wiser, and hadn't lost it at all. He could still write great stuff, like this, one of the best love songs ever. The melody and lyrics are beautiful in their simplicity.

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