Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iraq update

April 30 (Bloomberg) -- Iraq's Nassriya Water Treatment Plant, the country's
largest reconstruction project, is a failure so far because it isn't delivering
sufficient water to enough people, a new audit says.
The news media only reports the failures of the Iraq war, the reasons we should hate it. You don't hear about successes except from people like Jon Pebley. Should we have gone in? Of course not. But this war hasn't been a total disaster.

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  1. That's not true, on Fox News a large majority of Iraq coverage features "positive effects" of the war, and most other the other behemoths, often include soldiers who discuss "positive effects" of the war. For example, I just saw this happen on CBS. In my opinion, the mass media doesn't do enough investigation on the specifics:how and why we got there, under what circumstances, how the Iraqis feel,etc.


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