Saturday, April 19, 2008

DVD Review: Red, White & Screwed

1) Live From Fucking Nowhere
2) Hunting with Dick Cheney
3) Myspace: Definitive Resource for WMDs
4) We Don't Know Anything
5) No Wonder We Have ADD
6) Bush and Kerry: A Choice Between Two Bowls of Shit
7) Where is the President in the Time/Space Continuum?
8) Fossils are the Handiwork of the Devil
9) You Can't Marry a Snapping Turtle
10) Jehovah's Witnesses of Gaydom
11) Pussyfeathers
12) Bring It On!
13) Neoconservatives Believe The Matrix is Real
14) It's Time for a Dead President
Imagine if Holden Caulfield grew up and got some help for his ADD, but didn't bother taking his antidepressants. And then, he became a stand-up comedian. That picture in your head isn't nearly as funny as Lewis Black.
To watch Red, White & Screwed on the uncensored D.V.D. is to see Lewis Black at his best: profane, insane, and hilarious. The man is the biggest name in comedy, and deservedly so. Not since Holden Caulfield have nervous breakdowns been so entertaining.
The man just goes ballistic on stage, and the delivery sells the material. The audience claps in agreement with his thoughts on politics and profanity, but doesn't crack up until he shouts. Just check out this sampling...not for the easily offended... Glen won't like it very much, either.

[referring to Rick Santorum calling gays a "threat to the american family"] It's prejudice, and it's ignorance, on a level that is staggering at this point in time. But, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there's a group of gay bandidos. They travel from village to dell. And as night falls, they travel to that cul-de-sac, where only one house stands. And in the window, you see a family, just setting down to their evening meal. And these queers... these queers... don their black hoods, and matching pumps, very tasteful. Sneak up to the house ever so slightly, open the door, and start... FUCKING EACH OTHER IN THE ASS! AND ANOTHER AMERICAN FAMILY... IS DESTROYED!

Of course, words alone can't do Black's act justice. He's ruled Comedy Central for years, but to see him at his best is to see him uncensored. Rent this D.V.D. and find out why he's the king of comedy.

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