Saturday, May 3, 2008

So, We have free elections do we?

This is David Icke, a powerful social commentator.


  1. Isn't that the same guy that believes reptilian aliens rule the world?

  2. I've heard that. To be honest I just heard about him about an hour ago. I am doing some research on political parties for journalism, and I personally am not a fan of either Republicans or Democrats and I have been a supporter of the idea that it is merely one party system with two different sections. So, I came across these two videos and I thought he made some excellent points, I plan to research what he said and I advise others to do the same, not just with this video, but with everything...well most things. So, yeah, I'll check him out more! I appreciate you not leaving stupid comments with childish name calling, as some people have in the past, cough cough.....

  3. Btw, the comments I said under the videos were based solely on the videos, and to an extent they could be wrong. In certain aspects, for me anyway, what he said was truthful and insightful.


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