Monday, November 5, 2007

Darfur update

PARIS: French charity workers accused of kidnapping children in Chad seemed
unaware of local laws, but did not appear to be human traffickers, a journalist
who was detained with them said Monday.
French television journalist Marc
Garmirian returned to France on Sunday after President Nicolas Sarkozy arranged
the release of three journalists and four Spanish flight attendants from a
Chadian jail on a blitz visit to the former French colony in central
Several other people, including six workers for the French aid group
Zoe's Ark, remain detained after they sought to fly 103 children presented as
refugees from Sudan's Darfur region to families in Europe.
Garmirian, who
accompanied the aid workers from France to report on their effort, raised doubts
about the group's methods, saying in an interview with The Associated Press that
their "amateurism had dramatic consequences for the children."

Workers from other aid groups say most of the children had been living with adults they considered their parents and came from villages on the Chadian-Sudanese border region. According to Garmirian, identifying the nationality of the children will be difficult because they may not know whether they are Sudanese or Chadian.

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