Friday, April 4, 2008

Band Spotlight: The Lovely Feathers

History: The Lovely Feathers began recording songs in 2003 and by 2004 their first full length album came out.

Years Active: 2003-Present

Richard Yanofsky - Vocals/Guitar
Mark Kupfert - Vocals/Guitar
David Bugzaglo - Vocals/Keyboard
Noah Bernamoff - Bass
Ted Suss - Drums

Label: Equator Records

Genre: Independent Pop/Alternative

Musical Style: A weird band is The Lovely Feathers. They go from singing a fast "Pope John Paul died today" to a slower (yet still pretty fast) "We'd laugh if we were younger." Fast and quirky might sum it up best.

Best Album: Hind Hind Legs (2006)

Top Songs:
"Pope John Paul"
"Wrong Choice"
"Lion Eats The Wildebeast"
"Rod Stewart"

Influences: Hot Hot Heat, The Unicorns

Influenced: (Not yet)

Why You Should Listen To The Lovely Feathers: You are missing out if you don't at least check out the 'Feathers. The Lovely Feathers, in my opinion, should become big. I don't know why songs like "Wrong Choice" and "Photocorners" aren't tearing up the radio waves. College radio stations should take notice and start playing some 'Feathers.

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