Sunday, April 13, 2008

Band Spotlight: Mando Diao

History: Mando Diao pretty much formed in 1995 as Butler. They didn't start actually playing as a whole until 1999, though. Apparently, they named themselves Mando Diao after a dream member Björn Dixgård (yes, I copy and pasted that name) had.

Years Active: 1995-Present

Line-Up: Gustaf Noren, Bjorn Dixgard, Carl-Johan Fogelkou, Samuel Giers, Mats Bjorke

Label: Nettwerk

Genre: Garage Rock

Musical Style: Take Louis XIV, a rising Garage Rock revival band here in the U.S, and make them about ten times more polished. Like many revivalist bands of the 21st century, Mando Diao is due in large part "pop" sounding. That said, they are unique in their own way (redundancy is awesome!)

Best Album: Hurricane Bar (2004)

Top Songs:
"She's So"
"The Band"
"Clean Town"
"Long Before Rock N' Roll"
"God Knows"
"If I Don't Live Today..."

Influences: The Beatles; Oasis; The Hellacopters

Influenced: The Mellowbrightband; Janka

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