Friday, April 4, 2008

CD Review: The Great Milenko

1) Intro
13) Hellalujah
It's so easy to dismiss the Insane Clown Posse as a terrible act not worth a listen. You have another option, though. You can give their music a chance and decide for yourself.
This album certainly isn't one for the easily offended. It's full of unnecessary profanity. But once you get past that you're listening to two foul-mouthed guys in clown make up, you may, get this, appreciate the music.
Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope aren't "the ultimate wack rappers", like the mainstream media makes them out to be. They deliver their quality lyrics with clarity, flow, and rhythm. They are backed by the beats of Mike E. Clark, who proves that, gasp! You don't need samples to make a beat!
The Great Milenko is a concept album, a twisted morality play, if you will. "Halls of Illusions" describes the punishment of a man whose "wife can't smile 'cause [he] knocked her teeth out", among other sins. This and other songs, like "Under The Moon", "Hellalujah", and "Pass Me By" demonstrates that the group doesn't condone behavior most would consider immoral, despite the idiotic actions of some of their fans. Like that one who started a news blog for teenagers.
So, yeah, I'm a Juggalo, one who is admittedly easy to please when it comes to music. Some have their standards set so high they would ignore one of my four out of five stars recommendations. But what's so bad about having an open mind and checking out this album?
**** out of five

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  1. I checked out songs 2-4 and I can see spots which aren't terrible -- but I don't think I could survive a whole entire album.


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