Monday, April 14, 2008

Talking Philosophy (Part One)

Honestly, I don't know much about philosophy. I know that it is the study of how to live (thanks, Wikipedia). I've been hearing a lot about philosophy lately be it Chris DeCarlo, the Petit Prince and or Rick Astley. Anyway, I wanted to research some philosophies and then share to you my views on them.

Realism: This is the belief that things have real existence outside of the mind. Realism makes sense as we can sense everything around us tangibly.

Nominalism: Contrasting realism is nominalism. This is the belief that things existence in universal terms only. One could definitely argue this, I mean is 2+2 really 4? We can't empirically say that it is.

Rationalism: This is the belief that emphasizes human reason. Scientifically rationalism makes sense, but must everything be comprehended by the human mind? Somethings we just can't explain rationally.

Skepticism: This is the belief that nothing can be known. Skepticism can branch into academic and religious areas and in general it seems to be just an easy way out. If one embraces skepticism, one is embracing nothing.

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