Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Un-Butchered Harrison: 1970-1979

"My Sweet Lord" - Look past the plagiarism, and one can appreciate this soulful ode. Love the guitar work and gospel vocals.
"Wah Wah" - This is more like it. Guitars, drums, keys, and a choir rocking out in perfect harmony.
"Bangladesh" - George put together the Concert for Bangladesh, a benefit concert featuring himself, Ringo, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and others, which raised $243,418.50 for refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The closing song of that show was this, a Phil-Spector produced seventies symphony. Classic rock for a cause? Okay!
"Give Me Love" - The idealism of the 60s lived on in George's music of the 70s. Holy harmonizing guitars, Batman!
"The Pirate Song" - I'd like to be a pirate, a pirate's life for me! All my friends are pirates, and they sail on the BB Sea! Enough said.
"Blow Away" - Get out the lighter again.

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