Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Un-Butchered McCartney: 1969-1979

"Goodbye" - This starts off sounding a little like Simon and Garfunkel, then Paul comes in with those high notes. Superb guitar and vocal work.
"Maybe I'm Amazed" - This song manages to simultaneously be a ballad and a rocker. It has what many slow love songs lack - balls.
"Band on the Run" - Nobody makes pure cheese more enjoyable than Paul. The timpani, horns, and guitars combine into a sound that gives Phil Spector and Brian Wilson runs for their money.
"Bluebird" - Some more fine guitar work backs an unpredictable melody.
"Live And Let Die" - Hey, Chris Cornell, THIS is what a Bond theme sounds like. Nothing against this fine singer, but can you set off fireworks to "You Know My Name"? I think not.
"Silly Love Songs" - Listen to the words. Too often, the lyrics to a song go in one ear, out the other, causing listeners to mistake this satire for just another empty song with the word "love" in the title. Well, who cares, anyway? You can disco dance to it!

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