Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Un-Butchered Ringo: 1969-1978

"Octopus's Garden" - This song is just pure fun, tightly performed by the mature Beatles of 1969. You gotta love that lead guitar, those sound effects, those three-part harmonies.
"It Don't Come Easy" - Pure 70s. Just listen to that soulful backing - the horns, the gospel singers, the piano chords.
"Photograph" - Love that intro! Then Ringo comes in, his distinct singing shining against a symphony. Billy Preston on organ!
"Six O'Clock" - Paul wrote this song and backs Ringo on vocals and keys. "Six O'Clock" has Paul written all over it, but Ringo's singing and drumming couldn't be any better.
"You're Sixteen" - I love the blues, and Ringo, with a little more help from Paul, does a great job with this Sherman brothers composition. I adore the piano part.
"Drowning In The Sea Of Love" - More disco!

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