Monday, May 5, 2008

Un-Butchered Ringo: 1981-

"Matchbox" - Ringo, Eric Clapton, and Carl Perkins. Enough said.
"The Logical Song" - Back in 2001, my dad and I saw Ringo with his All-Starr Band, which included, for that tour, Roger Hodgson of Supertramp fame. The All-Starrs included some Supertramp classics in the set, including this gem. Great keyboard and drum work, nice vocals, and a killer sax solo.
"Never Without You" - This song sounds a lot like something from the early days, but with a more melancholy tone, being a tribute to George. Beautiful backing vocals and guitar work from Eric Clapton.
"Give Me Back the Beat" - Here's another one with a retro early Beatles feel, with a pinch of country.
"Boys" - I want that old time rock and roll, and Ringo delivers it. It's a good thing.
"Liverpool 8" - Here's another look back in the vein of "Never Without You", but with a totally different sound. Guitar effects? Strings? Sweet.

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