Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barack Obama's Patriotism

I hate how patriotism is put on a pedestal. Is it really that important? Wow, you served in the military big whoop. You were brought up under the flag, big whoop. "That flag is an enduring symbol of our nation?" No bud, it's just a piece of cloth. Playing the patriot card to win the viewers at home, eh? I see what they (Democrats) are trying to accomplish and it's propaganda no less. They are appealing to a perceived positive emotion. This country will be divided no matter who is elected. Has poverty rates ever dropped to 0%? No. The Democratic Party proposes freedom to the working and lower classes because it sounds great. They want to use an inanimate object (the flag) to achieve that goal. Meanwhile, the United States government in coalesce with corporations and the elite has and will for sometime screw over the common man in order to pursuit its own interests. Lying can only get you so far. So yes, the Democratic National Convention unites millions of liberals to vote Obama in '08. The Republican National Convention will do the same in an effort to elect McCain in '08. The two parties aren't that far apart and people need to remember that while watching the candidates via media and especially while voting in November.

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