Friday, August 29, 2008

Signs That the Apocalypse is Nigh

I know that Chris already had a quite humorous list up, but the difference here is that these things ACTUALLY HAPPENED. And instead of doing the whole list by myself, I'm going to make my own contribution and ask the rest of my fellow Ètudiants to put in their share.

1) Despite eight years of George Bush, a $9.6 trillion dollar deficit, a war started on false pretenses, a hurricane wiping out a famous city without the government batting an eye, loss of freedom through wiretapping and a redefinition of torture, it looks like the Democrats are so Godawful that they STILL can't come up with someone to beat a man with a voting record 95% similar to the presidents, more than anyone else.

2) A country actually successfully... err... actually bombed Russia (technically "South Ossetia"... whatever). WWIII here we come? No. NO ONE CARED.

3) I still haven't finished my summer assignments (GASP)

4) The Cubs and Tampa Bay currently have the best records in their respective leagues.

5) Large Hadron Collider...just... Large Hadron Collider

6) The U.S.'s biggest issue with the Chinese is currently that their athletes are too young (cough cough human rights cough cough)


  1. Ha. I still haven't finished my Summer assignments. But, I think if I had finished them, then it WOULD be a sign of the Apocalypse.

  2. don't call the election for mccain...however if obama loses we can thank/blame hillary for splitting the party. and exactly what can the US do about china? we hate them but have to be nice so they'll give us our economy back

  3. I'm just pointing out that if we're going to ignore all of the real atrocities going on in China, pissing and moaning about their athlete's ages just seems kind of stupid.
    And if you're wondering, I don't want McCain. I'm just saying, the way that the election is playing out, it's more likely that he wins than loses.

  4. Don't call out China for human rights issues, especially if you're American. Ever heard of Guantanamo Bay?

  5. Look, no one said that the U.S. is perfect, but to compare Guantanamo Bay to the Chinese government's treatment of its own people, not to mention the Tibetan people, is ridiculous.

  6. Not if you also figure in the treatment of Iraqi POWs, the death penalty, police brutality, Border Control police, and the conditions of prisons in the US, among other issues. I don't think you know what goes on at Gitmo or what the US does elsewhere. We're a country that still allows torture. The comparison is no stretch. I'm just saying, a little perspective doesn't hurt.

  7. While I agree that the death penalty is wrong,and I'm sure POWs are treated like...well...POWs...the other examples are far too small in number. Maybe some police show brutality, but only in isolated incidents. And not all prisons are uninhabitable. In fact, prison reform has gone a pretty long way in the past century.

    Meanwhile, the Chinese are torturing civil protesters and sending in military personnel when the Tibetans openly show a desire for freedom. Their idea of managing overpopulation is to fine people that have more than one child, and their orphanages are little more than shacks.

    But this is all completely drawing away from the actual point of this post. It was for Étudiants to add their own examples, not to debate the ethical reality of the Chinese/American governments.

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