Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pats Lose To Giants 14-19

It was more of the same for the Patriots in their final preseason game. No Tom Brady, no win and really, no positive signs for the first string offense or defense as far as putting together or stopping drives.

New England won the toss but broke their pattern this preseason of deferring and took the opening kickoff. After a first down on a 7-yard catch by Kelley Washington, the Patriots punted from their 49 three plays later.

Back for the New England offense in this game was Matt Light at his left tackle spot. Gone were Wes Welker, Ben Watson and Brady, who hasn't played a down in the preseason. Matt Cassel got the start at QB and remained in the game for two series finishing 4 of 6 passing for 37 yards. -

The Patriots finished the preseason 0-4. No worries though as back-ups and third stringers got the majority of the snaps in the games.

New England will have to make some tough decisions in terms of cuts as they must say good bye to over twenty players by Saturday.

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