Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Louisiana Hurricane Emergency

(CNN) -- Tropical Storm Gustav's impending arrival in the Gulf of Mexico, potentially as a major hurricane, has prompted Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to declare an emergency for the state.

"We are going to hope for the best, but we're preparing for the worst," Jindal said Wednesday.

The move puts Louisiana in position to receive federal disaster assistance. Jindal also said 3,000 National Guard members will be deployed to vulnerable areas in Louisiana on Thursday to assist with securing shelters and preparing for possible evacuations.

Jindal cited forecasts that Gustav, which killed 22 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic this week, could become a Category 3 hurricane in the coming days and hit the Gulf Coast by late Monday morning.

Let's pray that this is not Katrina Part Deux.


  1. y'know how the Seattle Sonics moved to Oklahoma City? I have a feeling that Seattle will get a team back pretty soon (The New Orleans Hornets).


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