Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Jonas Brothers

Y our daughter would rather be grounded for a month than miss the Jonas Brothers sold-out concert on Sunday in Tinley Park?

Still pulling your hair out because you paid 10 times what any sane person would consider reasonable so that your kid could attend one of Miley Cyrus' sold-out "Hannah Montana" concerts last year?

Parents may not fully understand, but to a nation of adolescents, Cyrus and the Jonas boys aren't just pop acts. They're 24/7 obsessions. To a legion of business execs presiding over a slumping industry, they are trend-defying sales juggernauts. And to culture-watchers, they are the latest in a series of teen-pop acts dating back to Ricky Nelson who serve as a generation's musical rite of passage. - Chicago Tribune
Please refer to the 'Jonas Brothers Are A Disgrace To Music' group on Facebook for a more complete analysis. The Bros. story is somewhat of a travesty according to Chris DeCarlo; they've pledged to not have sex, but there are millions of teen (and pre-teen) girls craving to do them.

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