Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peace out

"Enough about me," I remarked on the first post of the Wakefield Étudiant as we know it. It's never been about me, up to my final post. It's about the many characters that have made my run here so enjoyable.
Before anyone else, there was Chris Morrill. Thank or blame him, because this news blog was his idea, after a particularly bad Spin issue. Me, I was just along for the ride.
For a while now, the driver of that vehicle has been another talented friend of mine, the amazing Glen Maganzini. He's been my closest collaborator on this project for almost two years, and despite our many differences, his contributions have been key to making the site the great thing it is. This blog was once a one man show, now an exciting collection of personalities.
Along the way, we picked up plenty more riders, among them a legend, a musical genius, a fan boy, a straight A student, a former spammer, and a talented web designer. I thank every one of them for giving this site something new. The one-man band thing won't always work, but everyone loves an all-star jam.
Believe me, this website is in good hands. It'll be a little different, a little less lo-fi, but still independent, informative, and entertaining. In short, I'm no longer needed, so my work here is done. Good night, good luck, and goodbye.


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