Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top Tan List: My Posts

This being my second-to-last day here, I thought it'd be the perfect time to look back. Consider these posts, presented in chronological order, my greatest hits. Consider this post the CD Review.
About us...
As the site evolved, something it will always do, this post got bigger. Our purpose, however, remains the same: to give you all the news you need to know. Chris Morrill and I started this blog because Spin wasn't doing that job very well. Nowadays, the incompetence of famous corporate outlets justifies this independent journal.
A Night with the Guys and Dolls of the Drama Club
Behold, my first journalistic endeavor that wasn't an opinion piece! Desperate to glimpse behind the scenes of the 2006 spring musical, I went to the dressing room, without anybody's permission, during the intermission and right after the final bow. Advice to aspiring reporters: don't do that.
My day at the TV Barbecue
Over these past few years, my posts have gotten a bit more formal, professional. I would never write in such a casual style as this. But hey, at least I wasn't just posting the Item's top story verbatim. Again.
The grass has grown...
I never thought I'd see a supermarket across from my piano teacher's house. I've since bought groceries there constantly, since it's a five minute walk from my house. On the grand opening, however, I wasn't so sure if this big new building was a good thing. Check out my 16-year-old self's quest to answer that question...and get some free stuff.
Étudiant, Spin/Outlook news
Chris Morrill and I didn't just want to give W.H.S. students an alternative to Spin, which is what this blog originally was. We wanted to improve the damn thing, too. Here's a look at how we did that. We didn't get exactly what we wanted, but the paper appears to have a bit more quality control. Once thing hasn't changed: Glen Maganzini is still amazing.
Student Spotlight: Peter Costa
Here's a kind of piece I should have done more of. Get on it, Étudiants. Interviews are the heart of journalism, especially the informative conversations like these.
Halloween controversy at WHS
It's not so rare for W.H.S. to be accused of stepping over the boundaries. Ms. Freedman caused a bit of a stir with a Halloween announcement. Here are the reactions of Tim Cushing, Andrew Fallon, and a couple others.
Étudiant Éxclusive Senior Show Scoop!
Back in the fall, kids weren't too happy that there'd be no play in the senior show. Come March, however, the many skits made up for it. By the way...
Young Republicans of W.H.S.
I wasn't too sure how seriously to take this club. The school sure seemed to consider it a joke. I would have liked to see some political clubs. Get on it, Étudiants.
Iraq vet talks to juniors
For some time, I supported staying the course because an Iraq vet did. Then I realized that the troops are just as divided over Iraq as the rest of us are. But things have gotten better over the last few months, so let's hope they come home soon.
Darfur survivor visits WHS
Many learned about the Darfur conflict for the first time at this assembly. I've been following the story for more than a year now, and meeting Marwa gave me a better understanding of what's going on. Bless her, and big thanks to the school.
Concert Review: Billy Joel
Billy Joel is one of the top ten acts to see live before you die. He's a born entertainer, and put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. Hell, even if you don't like the guy, go just to see Chainsaw sing "Highway to Hell"!
Chris, Ben, Glen
The Étudiant wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without the others. This video demonstrates what it's like to work with them: a blast. My baby's in good hands.

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