Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CD Review: Person Pitch

Panda Bear (Of Animal Collective)

1. "Comfy In Nautica" - A nice little clap along mixed with the ambient and exotic sounds that have made Animal Collective an experimental staple. Grade: 9.5

2. "Take Pills" - The title leads you to believe that this song is a song promoting drug use. Maybe that's so, but regardless it makes you feel like you've taken one too many. This is an ideal song to start the children on. Grade: 9.6

3. "Bros" - As one YouTube commenter put it: "This song is insane while tripping on acid." When not on acid, it is still quite insane. Add a little Tornadoes and a little Cat Stevens and you've got the song's main riff and a secondary guitar part. That, of course, combined with epic noise elements. Grade: 9.8

4. "I'm Not" - Panda Bear makes High Places look like Rick Astley. Other than amazing, there is really no other way to put it other than perhaps "chills-inducing". You could compare this to "Kid A" but even that comparison doesn't do much justice. Grade: 9.9

5. "Good Girl/Carrots" - Good Girl is more accessible vocally than most of the prior tracks, this one really hits the spot combining folk, psychedelic, and experimental patterns. It is an awesome listen especially while doing homework. Carrots is just nuts. It's awesome nuts. Grade: 9.9

6. "Search for Delicious" - Have you ever felt a really nice breeze while sitting outside chillaxing on a scorching hot day? This song is that breeze except in music form. It's the kind that you keep wanting and wanting. Grade: 9.9

7. "Ponytail" - What a sad way to end things. I guess the only solution is to put the album on repeat and play it from the beginning again. Out of all of the tracks this is perhaps the most chill and subtly upbeat. There is no flaws in this song to prevent it from getting a... Grade: 10

Total Grade: 9.8

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