Saturday, November 3, 2007

CD Review: Sam's Town

1) Sam's Town
2) Enterlude
3) When You Were Young
4) Bling
5) For Reasons Unknown
6) Read My Mind
7) Uncle Jonny
8) Bones
9) My List
10) This River is Wild
11) Why Do I Keep Counting?
12) Exitlude
Classic rock is alive and thriving. Mix one cup of U2 and one cup of the Cars. Add a tablespoon of Queen, a pinch of Peter Gabriel, and a lead singer who can't sing, but they don't bother manipulating his voice like they do with Britney. Put it all in a blender, liquefy it, pour it into a mug and enjoy Sam's Town. You'll get arena rockers like "Sam's Town" and "Why Do I Keep Counting?", ballads like "My List", and call-backs to the glory days of Ric Ocasek such as "When You Were Young" and "Bones". Ah, yes, the Killers...the best 80s band that wasn't around in the 80s.
***1/2 out of five

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