Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tan Barely Sane

The co-founder and long time administrator of the Étudiant, Ben Tan, is sane -- barely. 29 people (unless you voted twice, dumbass) answered the latest poll question that asked if the Piano Man was insane or not. Well, up until a couple hours before the poll closed, there was a deadlock between "yes" and "no" (14 votes a piece). Suddenly, some brave soul -- and difference maker (the man himself, maybe?) -- voted "no". Two done, one to go. And that one of course is the legend (credit Mr. Rozzi on that one) and author of you know damn what, Chris DeCarlo. A man of few spoken words (save Public Speaking speeches), but a literary genius (moot, I guess) Chris is the last remaining in this whole "which admin is more crazy" fiasco. Vote, damnit!

Don't ask why I love incorporating parentheses. I just think it works well, okay?


  1. You're damn right it was the man himself. And yes, I'd rather be stupid than crazy.

  2. Oh, and I voted from so many computers, practically all 15 of the "not crazy" votes were from me, so HA!


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