Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 Things Not To Say/Do Around An Airport

#3. Carry "plants" around the airport - A couple was seen carrying marijuana near a checkpoint at Logan. When asked by a lower level employee what to do about the situation, a certain T.S.A. employee (whom I've interviewed before) responded "I'm not a botanist, but I think I know." The couple was allowed to board the plane, but the weed was left behind. The T.S.A. is known to having resold prohibited items in large quantities so one has to wonder if this is an exception.

#2. Ask a wise-ass question about the prohibited items list - Of course, there is always that one guy. That guy commented, "I don't see machine gun on the prohibited items list" to which a certain T.S.A. employee responded "because it's not all inclusive." "You won't find grenade launcher on there either, but does that mean you can carry one?"

#1. Make a joke on the airplane - Two buddies just boarded their plane. One was already seated while another was still placing his bag in the overhead bin. The latter said to the former, "they didn't find the bomb." Keep in mind that this was shortly after 9/11 -- not a good time to make jokes of this nature. The man didn't try to keep it so nobody else could hear him. A woman seated one row in front of them did and immediately left the plane to go tell security. As a result, all of the passengers had to be evacuated off of the plane while the bomb squad searched it.

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