Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Endanger-ous" Species Law

The countdown to January has begun, and the Bush administration is starting to roll out a long, foul list of last-minute policy changes. If its proposal to gut the Endangered Species Act is any indication of what it has in mind, we all have cause to be frightened of the next several months.
The proposal, which does not require congressional approval, would allow federal agencies to decide for themselves whether or not that highway, dam or mine they want to build would adversely impact any endangered species - instead of turning the matter over to independent government scientists in the Fish & Wildlife Service, the way that they've done for 35 years.

And if you don't think that the Department of Transportation or the Office of Surface Mining or any other federal department is more interested in getting its own projects done than in the fate of a rare fish or snake or bird, well, how much would you like to pay for that bridge that is going to destroy them? - San Francisco Chronicle
Go hug your tree. Really, though, there are so many more important issues needed to be dealt with. Who wrote that article, Jello Biafra?


  1. No, I can definitely see the danger here. Not letting the building of a bridge wipe out the remaining members of an entire species doesn't really count as "tree-hugging".

  2. Glen's just trying to start shit with people who realize that saving this species IS more important than what Glen cares more about - forcing rape victims to get abortions in a back alley and taking rights away from gays.

  3. Hey, hey, Jello Biafra has countless other political stances besides environmental issues.


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