Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gardasil Causes Death

OTTAWA, August 14, 2008 ( - Critics say that the reasons to avoid using the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, continue to pile up in the form of thousands of instances of severe side effects, including numerous deaths. In response to the mounting evidence that the vaccine may not be safe for widespread use, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is slated to release a study in October that will attempt to determine the validity of these reports.

Judicial Watch, a public interest group, has closely monitored Gardasil since it was released by creator Merck in 2006, periodically detailing statistics on the numerous side effects users have experienced. The most recent report alleges that the drug has been responsible for 21 deaths and 9,749 adverse reactions, including 78 outbreaks of genital warts and 10 miscarriages.

I think, not sure if this is right though, that Gardasil is for teenage girls who do it a lot. Ideally that means no one qualifies for it in the first place (unless you are from Gloucester...ouch!)


  1. No, Gardasil is a vaccine that most doctors recommended all girls above 11 and under 19 get to help prevent cervical cancer. The fact that most of the tests yielded positive results for a while caused a lot of parents to agree to having their daughters get the shot. The fact that its now causing really bad results in many cases is a REALLY BAD thing for a lot of people...

  2. Right, but isn't HPV the thing that causes cervical cancer? Isn't HPV transmitted through sexual contact?

  3. Not all of them. ...I don't think.

  4. sara you're right cancer just happens sometimes.


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