Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Crazy Dream - First Day of School

The Story: I had one crazy dream last night and I'm typing it on here before I forget it. It was the first day of school and everyone had no clue what the hell to do because of the new block scheduling. You know how they usually place your homeroom assignments on boards near the main office? Well, this year they did things differently and placed your class schedule on the railing of the stairwell going up to history (from sunshine hallway). Apparently everybody was in a rush since my schedule was the only one left on the railing. I looked at it and it looked pretty good at first glance. The only classes recognizable were Banking and French. I can't remember what my first class was, but surely I went to it. My second class was French V Honors. I was late for some odd reason and I knew this because I was the only person in the hallway. Suddenly I see Mr. Motassim in the area near crash corner and say "Don't I have you now?" He walks past me angrily and says "no, no." I said to myself "what the fuck?" because it clearly said French was my second block. I was all screwed up so I decided that it must have been third block by now. And guess what my third block was? Art. Art! That is definitely the last class that I would ever take in high school. I couldn't believe this because I obviously never signed up for Art. Even worse, Art was replacing AP Gov, the class I was (and am...thank God this dream wasn't true) looking most forward to. They've screwed up my schedule before, but only my electives. I never thought this day would come. I rush down the stairs from crash corner and what I see is a combination of the Galvin Middle School's 6th grade wing (near the side door facing the Civic Center, yellow lockers, etc) and the hallway outside of WHS's library's main entrance. For one, Ms. Porter's office was no longer there. It was now this glass room -- exactly like that room in the middle of the hallway I described at the Galvin. So I walked past that room and then I walked past Ms. Carlson's room, whom I had as a teacher in grades 10 and 11. It was the first day of school and there were already tests on her desk that needed to be corrected. That made me confused. The room right next door to Ms. Carlson's was the Art room. Please keep in mind that this room, in real life, would be Ms. Hagerty's. Anyway, the Art teacher was outside of the room and asked her "this is Art?" She said "yes, come in." I did and I grabbed a seat all the way in the back, right in front of Paul Watts, who was in my marketing class last year. About two rows up and one row to the right was the Étudiant's own Ben Tan. I didn't ever envision Watts or Tan in an Art class with me, but here they were. I expected people to ask me why the hell I was in that class, but they didn't. Right in front of me was a large kid. I can't remember his face, but his frame resembled Ryan Downing. Oh, and how could I forget? There was an Asian kid sitting parallel to Ben Tan who, coincidentally, looked exactly like him. All of a sudden, the teacher starts to talk about the Étudiant. I couldn't believe that she would take away valuable class time and mention the site. She mentioned that the class had an owner of the website in it. Neither Ben nor I spoke up, which was weird. The teacher asked if anyone would be interested in writing for us. Every single hand shot up immediately (with the exception of mine and Ben's) including Ali Miller's, who was sitting all the way to the right in the room. I didn't really absorb any of this because I was pissed off that they didn't put me in a Gov class. After a while, I thought to myself that maybe Art wouldn't be that bad of a class after all. I thought back to 8th grade Art and I remember slightly enjoying some of the projects back then. So anyway, the teacher wanted to use Microsoft Power Point to teach us the first lesson. She pulled down a giant SmartBoard and started browsing around on the computer. She accidentally clicked Windows Movie Maker to which Paul Watts yelled out "Haha. You clicked the movie program instead of PowerPoint!" That was it for that dream.

Analysis: Upon thinking of the dream, I think that the Asian kid who looked like Ben Tan was supposed to portray Eddie Vo, the designer for É2.0. This isn't totally strange because Eddie has been asking everyone if they want to write for us. I looked over at this kid when the teacher was talking about the site and he was extremely excited. He is three years removed from high school and doesn't live in Wakefield making things strange for sure. Second, let me talk more about Ben Tan. Ben, if this dream takes place on September 3, 2008, will have been at Emerson. Also, he wouldn't be writing for the Étudiant anymore because he said he was going to leave in late August. This is why he didn't raise his hand or look excited! He didn't talk or look at me either when the teacher asked the class so I'm thinking he might have been slightly pissed that more people than ever were interested in joining! Dreams are funny creatures...let's just put it that way.


I also had a dream about the Senior Prom (held at St. Florence Parish downstairs) being canceled in the dead of winter. The strange part is that it wasn't my prom. It was my sister's.


  1. Glen, you remember the days when the Étudiant was a one-man show. Chris and I always dreamed of the Étudiant becoming bigger than one person. Part of the reason I'm leaving is to prove that the Étudiant is bigger than me, and doesn't need me anymore.

  2. Why you dissing art? It's one of the best departments in the school.

  3. Peter, G;en's not dissing it, it's just not his "thing." Also Glen, I too have strange dreams like this, where the scenarios don't make sense. I've experienced the Galvin/WHS mish mash many a time. Sometimes it's just a random school altogether.

  4. Yeah, I'm not dissing it. I draw shit sometimes in my spear time, but I would never take a class in Art under my own power.


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