Sunday, August 3, 2008

One Month Till School Starts

I actually can't even remember how I got everything done last summer.

English: For starters, I read two choice books (Patriot Reign and Longitude). Keep in mind that for Longitude I had to thoroughly answer 10+ questions as outlined in the summer assignments handout. Then, I had to read and take notes on Walden in preparation for the project. I didn't start Walden until August 16 and I read it all in one night. The next day, I visited the pond and filmed footage for my video. The editing process was completed just two nights before school started. One night before school started, I read the Scarlett Letter. Keep in mind, we had a shit load of questions to answer to go along with the reading. Undoubtedly I couldn't answer many of the questions to the best of my ability and this was reflected in my less than perfect (but still awesome) grade. It took me approximately six or sevens hours to read the book and answer the questions. Minutes before the first day of school, a few souls who didn't read the book rushed over to me so they could copy my answers to the questions. That was eventful, to say the least.

History: We had to read somewhere between 700-900 pages of text (I forget the exact requirement). We could form any sort of reading combination we wanted. Time-crunched, I chose to read one book (896 pages) and do one two page paper on that book. My paper was pretty awesome even though I sped-read most of the text. It took me about two weeks to speed-read.

Precalculus: Here is where I really screwed up. Don't get me wrong, I took notes on every section and answered all of the section questions completely, but I ran into the problem of forgetting most of what I was doing. I finished all of my math related stuff by early August and I'll tell you that this only hurt me. When Hoover said we were having a test within the first week of school, he meant it. I got a 61 on that test -- a cruel awakening because 1) I naturally suck at math and 2) I didn't review. That was actually one of my better test scores...we won't get into it anymore. Ha ha.


I'll be honest in saying I haven't read any of my summer reading books since July 7. Am I screwed? Definitely. Will I some how manage to do everything? Of course! Will I do OK on the graded assignments? Hmm, that's too tough to tell. Judging from the past, as long as stuff is non-math related, I'll do decent.


A note to everyone that is planning on taking Precalculus Honors. If you naturally suck at math, don't take the class! If you slid/plan on sliding through Algebra 2 and to get a B...don't take the class! If you don't have the time to solve problems completely by hand or just don't care...don't take the class! You will fail (no, not an F or a D, but somewhere close). I'm just warning you. If you are Chris Mogni, go ahead take the class and get your well-deserved A. You might ask why I would take such a class if I suck at math. Well, I technically don't suck at math. I'm what a normal person would call a hair above average. You don't want to be that guy.


  1. School... Do you have to bring that shit up?

  2. This is nothing. Go to Yahoo! for a nice reminder that you have ONLY ONE MONTH to get ready!


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