Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Picking the President: Middle East

Aren't you getting sick of all this? You aren't? Oh, OK.

John McCain

  • Would attack, possibly invade, to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons
  • Supports economic sanctions on Iran
  • Would not meet with Iranian leaders
  • Defends Kyl-Lieberman amendment
  • Supports more aid to Israel

Barack Obama
  • Would order air strikes to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons
  • Supports sanctions on Iran, also positive incentives
  • Would meet directly with Iranian leaders
  • Opposed Kyl-Lieberman, called it belligerent
  • Supports aid to Israel and to Palestinians
Point to Obama. McCain once again seems too eager to use the Commander-in-Chief part of the job, eager to use war as a first resort. At least give diplomacy a try.

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