Monday, August 11, 2008

Picking the President: Terrorism and Homeland Security

I have two weeks left here. Better get this done. Ladies and gentlemen, the Wakefield Étudiant presents another exciting edition of...

John McCain

  • No torture, but let CIA use harsher techniques
  • Shut down Guantanamo, try detainees in military courts
  • Bush warrantless wiretapping program was legal
  • Pakistan a friend, supports Musharraf
  • NATO should send more troops to Afghanistan

Barack Obama
  • No torture, same standards for CIA and military
  • Shut down Gitmo, try detainees in civilian courts
  • Opposes Bush wiretapping, pro-FISA compromise
  • Fight al Qaeda in Pakistan
  • Add 7,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan by moving some out of Iraq
Point to Obama. I don't see why the CIA, military, and civilian courts can't meet the same standards. Oh, and John? You know Bin Laden's in Pakistan, right?

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