Thursday, August 7, 2008

Suburbs begin to shrink

In junior year, you'll learn about the growth of the suburbs. Decades later, those areas are starting to shrink, a consequence of America's recent economic problems.

(CBS) The promise of the suburban dream is what brought Nichole Cinaglia and her daughters to a neighborhood more than 30 miles outside of Sacramento, California.

"I mean I think it's everybody's dream to own a home and then have their kids grow up in their home, you know, like they used to so many years ago," Nichole says.

Sixty years ago, cheap gas and new highways helped fuel suburbia's rapid rise, creating a new American utopia. But as CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports, the triple threat of falling home values, empty nesters returning to the city and sky-high gas prices is driving suburbia to the brink.


  1. Except if you go to Blue Canoe and buy your some soil low gas at $3.70. Nope, they didn't even pay me to type that.

  2. You know, Blue Canoe is the store...IRVING is the station. Sorry, O.C.D.


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