Thursday, August 7, 2008

Write Ron Paul In

"His platform is to abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS, bring the troops home, throw out the shitty patriot and homeland security acts, minimize government involvement in our private lives and end the fucked-up war on drugs. Yeah, what the hell is he thinking? The private owners of the Federal Reserve do not want it abolished. Kennedy tried - pwned. Youtube: Rockefeller is scared of Ron Paul and Censorship of Ron Paul. As far as the CO$ endorsing Ron Paul, fuck the CO$. Love WBM & kitties and Magoo. By all means, read on, but do some further research. Write in Ron Paul for President 2008. The constitution was designed to protect us from all the shit that's coming down-no other candidates talk about honoring it. With all that Ron Paul stands for, I am at a loss with this page." - A Ron Paul Supporter
Damn straight.

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