Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 In Sports


January 9 -
Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn are elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
January 27 - Serena Williams defeats Maria Sharapova to win the Australian Open
February 4 - The Indianapolis Colts defeat the Chicago Bears to win Super Bowl XLI
March 1 - Wakefield's own Stephen Carriere wins gold in the mens event at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships
April 2 - The University of Florida men's basketball team defeats the Ohio State Buckeyes
May 12 - The Rochester Nighthawks win the National Lacrosse League Champion's Cup
June 6 - The Anaheim Ducks defeat the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup
June 14 - The San Antonio Spurs defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA Championship
July 31 - The Red Sox acquire closer Eric Gagne from the Texas Rangers
August 7 - Barry Bonds hits his 756th career home run and with that becomes the all-time leader in the home run category
September 9 - Roger Federer wins the U.S Open Men's Singles title after defeating Novak Đoković.
September 21 -
Josh Beckett wins his 20th game of the season
October 28 - The Red Sox win the World Series after 4 game sweep of the Rockies
November 4 - Adrian Peterson sets a single game NFL record with 296 rushing yards


January 1 -
Darrent Williams (Age: 24) February 22 - Dennis Johnson (Age: 52)
March 15 - Bowie Kuhn (Age: 80)
April 29 - Josh Hancock (Age: 29)
May 28 - Marquise Hill (Age: 24)
June 24 - Chris Benoit (Age: 40)
July 30 - Bill Walsh (Age: 75)
August 17 - Eddie Griffin (Age: 25)
September 12 - Colin McRae (Age: 39)
October 13 - Alec Kessler (Age: 40)
November 27 - Sean Taylor (Age: 24)
November 30 - Evel Knievel (Age: 69)
December 4 - Chip Reese (Age: 56)

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