Monday, December 17, 2007

Nuclear Crap

Russia has delivered its first shipment of nuclear fuel to a reactor it is helping to build at Bushehr in Iran.

The two sides reached agreement last week on a schedule to finish building the plant after years of delays.

The UN has demanded that Iran halt uranium enrichment but has approved the Russian nuclear fuel deliveries.

US President George W Bush supported the move, but said it proved "the Iranians do not need to learn how to enrich" uranium for themselves.

Some Western countries fear Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons but Tehran says its programme is for peaceful power generation only. - BBC NEWS

I think the world "nuclear" should just cease its existence.


  1. Bush is thick and the UN has a double-standard.

  2. Anyone can have nuclear arms, that way the USA's imbalance on the world is weighed out. I bet the imperialists will now think twice before going to shit on a small nation.

  3. It is good to have allies with small nations. If Russia wants to ally with a smaller nation that is next to Iraq as to compete with the US, go ahead. Nuclear weapons keep the world in balance. Since Russia has, at least, over an excess of 100,000, as does the US, nuclear fission warfare does not seem an immanent threat. Moreover, if any nation did attempt to fuck around with us, we could just unload a few on them and be done with it, Russia the same. By sending shipments to Iran, the Russians are keeping us in balance. We have a new footer in the middle east, Russia comes right back and does the same. The Iranians, furthermore, would never launch said warheads, on account of the aforementioned statements. This tactic employed is merely an intimidation tactic in order to spread fear in our populous. Only the weak minded worry about this, as it poses no threat.

  4. mogchr, it's still unfair for the US to have nukes but at the same time tell every developing country that they can't. We can't have a double standard like that. Getting rid of nuclear weapons totally is the only way to prevent nuclear war, period. It's stupid to say that nuclear war won't happen if every country just makes more and more nukes to compete with other countries. Eventually, everyone ends up with hundreds and thousands of nukes, one country gets mad enough at another that they'll launch some, the allies of the attacked country attack the attacker and their allies get upset, blah blah blah. It's no secret that Iran doesn't like us. If they get enough nukes, who knows what they'll do?

    P.S. Read the Prince. It teaches you how to make mashed potatoes. Good book.

  5. Probably the most retarded post that I have seen so far. First off, Iran poses no threat. They cannot match our 100,000+ nuclear warheads. Having these warheads, we are able to show our superiority over weaker nations. The government says that Iran is a threat, but they really are not. We can monitor virtually all activity on Earth at any given moment with the CIA's tools, so if they were to pull some shit, we'd know about it and could act if we desired to. Furthermore, nuclear war has not broken out yet, and it most likely will not in the near future. Having superior weapons over another country allows us to control their actions. Russia has as many warheads (actually more) as we do, and it is "no secret" that they will not deactivate the majority of them any time soon, as goes for us. By keeping these weapons we have a sense of security. You are naive to think that a country would give up power for the sake of "peace." Moreover, the world is not "fair" and "equal," as we can see that some countries will execute more power over others. For now the United States is the world's superpower, and it will stay that way for a while until the EU or China surpasses us economically and militarily. Just because you are a 16 year old self proclaimed socialist does not mean the world thinks like you are, oh enlightened anon.

  6. If there weren't militaristic people like you in the world, imagine how great it would be. Unfortunately, many people seem to have the same view as you. Obviously I know what I said will never happen (due to people like you), it's just something to think about. You can't disagree with the fact that getting rid of all nukes is the only way to get rid of any threat of nuclear war. As long as a country has nukes, there is the potential for war, regardless of how many nukes they have. Call me naive, but I like to believe that nuclear disarmament is possible, but it will take the efforts of every country in the world (yes, including the US, even though we think we're above such world laws).

    I'm not "enlightened," I just have a different view than you do. I'm glad you can tell the difference.

    (If we can monitor all activity on earth, then where the heck is bin Laden?? I'd love to know. Or, you know, any other villains-at-large.)

  7. Wow, you are the biggest dick sucking moron. Bin Laden is no threat to us, most of the criminals are in conjunction with the CIA cause they have intel or other such things that the CIA gives then in return for immunity. Just because they government says one thing does not mean its true. Bin Laden has no backing any more, he is in hiding, and for all we know he could be dead and the government could just be using him as a Big Bro sort of thing. I don't really care.

    I am NOT militaristic, I am realistic. Russia will not disarm all of their warheads after half a century of developing them, and same with us. We need security to make sure that angry little men such as gay leaders from other little countries don't do shit with their nukes. Also, the further development of nuclear warheads also allows us to delve into more scientific research dealing with subatomic particles and how to maximize efficiency in other fields, such as producing energy. Fusion power has not been successful yet, and we have yet to make bombs out of it, but research in that field has allowed us to create neutrons for cancer treatment, something hard to find otherwise, and it has also lead to many discoveries of the inner workings of atoms. Fission may be dangerous, but it is a step towards more efficient nuclear technology. When technology advances, then our fission bombs will be of no use. For now, this is not the case. Having a strong military is part of our world and nature, and it will stay that way unless the human mind is reprogrammed. If the world was perfect, then there would be no need for said warheads, but it isn't. There are other nations out there that would die in the name of their leader or a god to destroy us, and having nuclear warheads is insurance against further conflict.

    Don't be naive. Someday there will be no need for fission based nuclear warheads, but for now there is, which is a sense of protection. World leaders, moreover, know that if nuclear war breaks out, it could mean the end of human civilization, so they realize that keeping nuclear fission development to a minimum is a must.


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