Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where your money's going

WAKEFIELD - The existing town-wide Housing Rehabilitation Program will continue in Wakefield for at least another year using $240,000 from the Program Income Fund to assist low and moderate income homeowners with needed repairs. Another $65,000 will be spent to keep the local Community Development office open and administer the Housing Rehabilitation Program through Dec. 31, 2008. A portion of the remaining $68,000 in the Program Income account will likely be used to replace one of the town's senior citizen transportation vans.
After meeting with Wayne Darragh, the town's Community Development Block Grant Program Director, the Board of Selectmen voted this week to expend the funds and continue the low to moderate income housing rehab assistance program through December 2008.
Darragh reminded the board that the $373,000 currently in the Program Income account has been generated through the repayment of liens placed on residential properties that participated in previous housing rehabilitation programs.

If there's one thing the Wakefield Item is good at, it's publishing cute photos. If there's two things it's good at, they are 1) publishing cute photos 2) letting us all know where our money's going. If there's three things it's good

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