Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On The Topic of College Essays

It’s December, the height of college application season, and students across Massachusetts are hunched over their desks, putting the finishing touches on their college application essay. Traditionally, that essay has been viewed as a chance to break loose from the drone of dry figures and bullet points, and get to a place where unadulterated personality and a compelling story are enough to put a hopeful over the top. Or at least that was the case when students were still writing their own essays, which, increasingly, they aren’t. - Boston Magazine

I don't see how having other people write a college essay for you is ethical. Is a professional the one applying to college? No. This is unfair and I know that millions of kids are going to be doing this every year. That pisses me off. Even though the essay isn't worth a whole lot in terms of college admission, kids who write their essay themselves are at a disadvantage. Now, I am starting to believe that there shouldn't be an essay at all if this is so widespread.

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