Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Myanmar update

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Senate passed on Wednesday an act forbidding the import of gems and timber from Myanmar and imposes fresh financial sanctions and travel restrictions on leaders of the country.

Hey, junta! Yeah, you! Step down and let democratic leaders take over, or continue to get pimp slapped by the world!


  1. Democracy does not entice fair rule, only abuse of power by the wealthy.

  2. I never said democracy was a perfect system, but it's a much better form of government than what Myanmar has now.

  3. Democracy is not a great system. Our government advocates democracy for "freedom and justice" or whatever the hell they thing is right. Democracy is not right for all countries, and some, such as many asian nations, need a strong authoritarian government to keep the populous under control, as known as a dictator or a one party state. Other nations work best under principalities, usually smaller nations, or would work better in a system of smaller principalities in the form of tribes. For example Africa would benefit from not being divided into countries and left to the warlord's will. Their governments do not work, and a democracy there, for instance, would pose no match for the division in the country itself. Some places are lost causes. The "democracy" in Iraq has elections based off of fear, and their government is corrupt still, as some of those from Saddam's regime hold office due to the citizen's "rights to vote for their public officials." Bull. In western civilizations, where there is somewhat more of a civilized group of people, a Republic would suit best with a strong central government. Democracies fail in larger populations, for the majority does not always know what is right, as said majority is, for the most part, ignorant and subjective to what their needs are. An elitist republic would work much better to suit the interests of the people than a democracy would.

  4. So, do you think the Myanmar junta should remain, even after all the violence? Not arguing, just wondering.


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