Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Kwanzaa

By your tree or menorah, kinara, or pole, or whatever symbol your observance may hold
May your heart be at peace, may your spirit be light
From turmoil, no sir cease, if but just for a night - David Anderson

That quote is excerpted from a recent Dave Anderson video:

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  1. Maganzini, get your head out of your ass, Kwanzaa's founder was Ron Karenga, a black racist who ran the goddamn "Organization Us" and was convicted of murdering and torturing two women. Do your fucking research.

    Let me give you a link to a newspaper article that should enlighten you on the matter.

  2. After years of being oppressed, blacks should have their own festival.

  3. Ok Glen, I didn't care about you entering that as an article; Mogni and citizen's responses seem a little overagitated for the issue, too; but you you definitely lost me at
    "After years of being oppressed, blacks should have their own festival."

  4. I'm being oppressed. And no, it is a crappy rip off of two other holidays from some racist reverse discriminatory dick who wanted to be different. Kwanzaa is not a holiday, why don't I make up my own holiday. Its called Spam day. And, the best part about Spam day, its every day of the year.

  5. It isn't a holiday; it is a week long celebration

  6. Well whatever you want to call it, it is a load of crap.

  7. Yet another way blacks choose to estrange themselves from the rest of Americans. Then they bitch that we chose to discriminate against and segregate them. No, they do it themselves.

  8. Kwanzaa is another thing on a list for my jihad.


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