Thursday, December 13, 2007

No School Tommorow?

Approximately 90% of the student body at WHS hope for no school tommorow. There then is the 10% students who love to learn and really don't want to miss out on anything! These kids love to take tests since they most likely already prepared for them (and don't want to forget the information). I am in the 90% that hopes that we don't have school tommorow. It would be a great start to a potential 4 day weekend (a second major storm is scheduled to hit Sunday afternoon). We, however, are likely to have school both days. Yes, we are supposed to get about 8" total from today's storm. Looking outside it looks like about 5 or 6 inches have already fallen. According to weather reports, snow will fall at a 1-2 inch per hour rate until 9 PM. That gives the DPW more than 8 hours to salt and clear off the roads. It looks like there will be at least one layer of snow on the roads that won't disappear by morning. The morning commute could be disastrous if there isn't enough work done. We could always have a delay, but since the DPW will have 8 hours to clear away the snow from the school a delay would be pointless. Thus, it is either no school or school. I'm sure everyone will be pissed if we do in fact have school. And who likes to see teenagers angry? Word around the town is that a group of students are planning on making snow and unloading it in front of the school. Actually, that is a joke. I politely ask whoever is in the position of making this decision (superintendent) to cancel school with any reservation (delay). Thank you.

P.S. If the Etudiant happens to be your homepage and you go to WHS, you can check here tommorow morning as early as 5 AM for the latest school closing information. Don't worry a source (most likely from the school's website) will be provided.

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