Monday, December 24, 2007

Super Sweet 16 (Piece of Shit)

Want to know what the real kiss of death is? Want to know what show is more morally evil and incorrect than American Idol? It is right on the fucking network that millions of youths tune into each and every day. A network that visually and psychologically enslaves them. The network is MTV and the show is Super Sweet 16. If you have never seen it, the show documents rich, spoiled, and hedonistic teenagers' 16th birthday parties. The birthday girls waste their fathers' monies on thousand dollar dresses, diamond jewelry, and the like. After they buy their dress, they go on to have their birthday bash at some high class place. Often, a celebrity is invited to the party. I was just watching one episode and fuck! The only thing that prevented me from punching the television screen was a potential trip to the hospital on Christmas Eve. I mean seriously, at the very least has there ever been an episode featuring an unattractive, middle class girl? I doubt it. This show is pathetic. I am going to e-mail MTV and express my disdain to them, those uncreative fucks.


  1. Yes, there's a laundry list of evil shows that brainwash us every day and this certainly is one of them. The funny thing is, what doe spoiled sixteen year olds and their "glamorous" birthdays have to do with music?

  2. Oh noz, uz guyz tink dat dis stuffz iz big society no noz!!!!11!!1!!1!one!11!!!11*squirt*1!1!!11

    Newsflash, its just a god damn cultural thing. Of course TV is exagerated. Stop saying everything is evil or sinful liberal/conservative/green/wetf pussies.

  3. But MTV is the Music Television not the R.T.V. My sister told me that even Justin Timberlake said that all the shows that are unrelated to music on MTV suck.

    We can change culture!


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