Saturday, December 8, 2007

Science Club Encounters A Shadow

Heading into Boston via the Orange Line was the WHS science club on Friday afternoon. Stepping onto the train, the club was met by a tall black male. The male, who identified himself as Shadow, turned out to be a Boston area rapper. Shadow's objective was to sell club members his rap CD for $5. He let a few members listen to his CD before he started free styling. Before that however, he commented on the degrading of women in the music industry and advocated for independent labels. Shadow's overbearing message was for women to put their clothes on instead of, as Chris D would say, suck Satan's cock. Shadow was truly an awesome rapper; he dropped lines about various club members in a humorous way. His CDs, which were bought by many club members, have sold more than 500,000 times claims Shadow. Shadow added that he brings 60 copies onto the train each day and does not go home until he sells them all. Matt Hurton was able to claim the last album. Shadow added that he once was a basketball player for Melrose High and he now attends Northeastern University. I haven't been able to spot Shadow on the Internet, trust me I have looked very hard. So if you know anybody in the science club, ask them if they bought Shadow's CD. You may get a chance to listen to his brilliance.

I almost forgot; the science club's trip to the aquarium was a success!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, this guy must be some strange weirdo pot head. I wouldn't buy a single thing from him...especially if confronted by him on a bus in Boston.


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